This is part 2 of the 2 part training! My Team Asked for This PT.2

This is part 2 of the 2 part training!



I want to help you in two ways. First to teach you a few things about work from home opportunities and second to serve you in building your success.

To boil down to the basics of the education side of things I will explain a few simple things about work from home opportunities. To start with my name is Tim Wood. I have built an organization wrong twice using the WRONG SYSTEMS! I now am SUCCESSFUL with my current SYSTEM and COMPANY and am not looking back! This is a fabulous ride! I’m not here to tell you to join my system and company. If you want to join my successful team we are more than glad to train you as we have many others. However I am here to explain about the industry.

First things first.

Any work from home business opportunity will have very favorable results if you have a few things in place.

The Company Owners, the system, the teams, the product and the compensation.

You must have stellar Owners that lead the company. If the owners have failed in the past you might not want to join them until they get better skills. If they’ve launch multiple successful companies than odds are they are worth following.

You must have a stellar system. Most companies have systems to use but, in most cases the system is not very efficient. You must find a system that is easy to use and work to your advantage.

You must have a stellar Products that are reusable and in demand. If you make the best vinyl records in the world today do you think you’ll make any money? Of course not. We have Compact Discs (CD’S) (for gen X…what is a vinyl record? They are an older way to listen to music not the oldest way though.)
As a side note if this is one thing your company doesn’t have going for it, you still can do very well.

The compensation speaks for itself! One thing you MUST look for is the words “UP TO” or “AS MUCH AS” when looking for a company. A good example is “We pay up to 55% which is the highest in our industry!” BUT they pay you off of a PV ratio not the true amount spent! What they are telling you is if you spend $130 on product they will give you 55% commissions from $100(PV) personal volume. So you are paid off of PV percentage of $100 NOT the actual $130 you spent!
OR in other words….You spend $130 of your money to earn (“UP TO” or “AS MUCH AS”) 55% from the $100 PV which is only $55. IF THEY PAID ACTUAL 55% you would have earned $71.50! Pretty crappy!
Almost every company also has what’s called breakage also. If you don’t qualify for the commissions the company keeps it! WHAT? Didn’t I work for that?

I have recently found a company claiming to pay out a true 50% but you can only make $200,000 a month! Are you kidding me!!! In this company if you had a huge organization and should be earning, let’s say $250,000 a month, than why is the company keeping the $50,000? DIDN’T YOU BUILD IT? Once you get that big you know how quickly it keeps growing? In the matter of a year you would be around $400,000 a month! I know people in my company earning over $200,000 and $300,000 a month and still growing every month!

As a side note my company pays out a TRUE 50% no breakage and no smoke and mirrors! You are a 50/50 earner! If you don’t qualify for a certain level the next qualified person receives the money, NOT THE COMPANY!

You must have a stellar team. If you don’t have support from a team you will NEVER make it. NO business is designed to do it alone.

If you have these 5 key things going in your favor you have around a 95% better chance to succeed! If they are not in your favor, you are destined to have a very hard time and with little success.

Now you know what you need to succeed but now what do you need to stay away from?

I mean why do the majority of networkers fail? Here’s the scoop.
Why most people fail in Network Marketing.
In most cases you are missing more than one of the 5 key things that make a person successful. That is the Company, system, team, compensation, and product.
But that’s not all.
Here is a list of 5 more very important factors!

Fear….fear of failure, fear of approaching others, and fear of being turned down

Complex or no system….If there is a system, is it too hard to duplicate

No or low confidence to start something new and jump in with both feet. Also lack of experience is pretty large part of this.

Slow building or no momentum. If you chose the wrong company you’ll know it. You will be as if you just started your venture on your one year anniversary. You can even tell 3 months into it if you’ve got the right company.

Don’t know enough people. Most companies have people going out the back door as quickly as you get more in. This is depressing and no one likes to feel like they’re not getting anywhere. Let us summarize the last 5 problems… Don’t know enough people, slow building or no momentum, no or low confidence, complex or no system, and fear.

These can be overcome by the right system! If you have a great system you can virtually control your advancements and pay!
So why do so many people make so much money in Network Marketing.
Here are two videos on the Industry.  First Click HERE.

And here is a short video from Robert Kiyosaki that will help you better understand the industry.  Click HERE.

If you don’t know who Robert Kiyosaki is he is the most read financial advisor of all times.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say on him.  Click HERE.

So Why Do I publish this information? If people don’t understand the industry how can they decide to join my team or the industry?

What is the right company to join? You need to do your due diligence and find the company that fits your needs.

Am I looking for more people on My team? Yes, I am dedicated to anyone who is willing to LEARN and ready to EARN!

How much does it cost to join in these companies? Every company has their own costs to join. Typically you can start anywhere from $300 to $2,000. This normally includes membership and products. The problem with most companies is that they make you stock pile or fill your garage with extra product you don’t need.  (Not with my company!)

Did I mention that with my system you can be making a profit in your First Month!

Do I need to order product every month? Yes. In order to participate and get paid you must purchase something. The company pays you on your volume only if you purchase monthly product of some sort. Whether it is soap, water, vitamins, or whatever your program is. That is what makes it legal. If they pay you and you don’t purchase anything that would be Illegal.

How do I learn what you are doing? There are two ways to learn what I’m doing.  First is send me an email with the following information. Name, Email, Daytime phone number, the amount you are looking to earn, what time is best to call you(including time zone please), and how much free time you are willing to dedicate. I will then teach you what I do and why it works. We will work together as a team to reach your goals.

Thank you for your time and attention,