My Team Asked for This!

This is a two part training!

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This is the POWER of ONE

In your average Network  Marketing company people generally sponsor as many people as they can get in front of.  This is because they fall out the back door as fast as they came in the front door.  Maybe even faster!

That’s not needed with the simplicity of the right company, with the right products, with the right compensation, and the right founders.  (That’s generally unheard of until now)

Here is the next 12 Months if you chose….If you’d rather see a video on this let me know.  I have a High Quality Video that is only viewable by special invite!

Once again Here is the next 12 Months if YOU chose.

You join our company so month one it is just you.

Month 1 -1 Just you

You sponsor a friend in the second month…now there’s the two of you in your business.

Month 2 – 2 of you.

The third month you both sponsor just one person….now there’s four of you in your business.

Month 3 – 4 of you.

Now in the fourth month the four of you all sponsor just one there’s eight of you in your business…This duplication continues for every month!!

4 – 8
5 – 16
6 – 32
x $100
x 5%= $150
If all of you are on a minimal product order, with only factoring in 1 of our 4 ways we get paid, your residual income in month six is $150.

Let’s check out the next six months.

Now if in month seven, and every month after that, everyone still only sponsors one person who wants more money and time freedom you now have 64 people in your business!

Month 12-2,048
x $100
x 5% = $10,240

OUCH!!!!  $10,240 a month of residual income in only a year!  Is that Worth it?  That’s up to you to decide!  I know your asking what if this person doesn’t keep sponsoring one a month, or what if this or that happens?…The good news is most people are so motivated to get their time freedom back that most of these people will bring in more than one person a month!  I’m simply making it SIMPLE!

Here’s the concept and the power behind it if you are not familiar with it.
Everyone wants to make money.
But most people don’t have a PLAN to make more money.
By showing someone that if they ONLY sponsored JUST 1 person per month and work with that person to do the same, they could potentially create a six-figure income. (Remember- people will only join you if they believe they can do what you just did during your presentation to get them in)

Most everyone that sees this presentation will join because….

They BELIEVE they could get 1 person per month and they BELIEVE that it’s not a “get rich quick” program.
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